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Waverley School Holiday Club 

Waverley School Holiday Club offers peace of mind for parents and plenty of fun for children during schools holidays!


To get started we have lots of fun creative activities to choose from whilst getting outside with friends and enjoying the start of the holidays. Click here to see what's happening in Holiday Club this time!

Key Details

  • Open to children in Reception -11 years.
  • Our Holiday Club is planning to be open to both Waverley and non-Waverley pupils for May Half Term 2022. 
  • Our club is OFSTED registered.
  • A hot lunch and tea are provided throughout the day depending, on your booking session times. Our hot lunch is freshly cooked on-site each day.
  • Children need to bring with them a mid-morning snack that does not contain nuts, and a water bottle.
  • Available up to 5 days a week, 7.30 am - 6 pm (flexible drop-off and pick-up times).
  • Early-bird booking discounts, sibling discounts, and Waverley pupil discounts are available.
  • Based at Waverley School, we benefit from the grounds and facilities of the school.


Our main emphasis is offering children the chance to have fun, relax and try new activities. We are also keen to ensure that there is a clear differentiation between holiday club and the school term, enabling children to unwind, relax and recharge batteries ready for the next school term.

'Choice' is therefore at the heart of everything we do at Holiday Club. Throughout the week, we offer a range of carefully planned, adult-led activities providing a balance of artistic, creative and sporting opportunities. Children are encouraged to participate in the planned activities but can choose to take part in any other free-choice activity if they wish - the only activity children must take part in, is eating lunch!

Every week has a different theme, for example cooking, sports, animals or crafts. Every day there are adult-led activities around these themes as well as free choice activities. 

Our activities include but are not limited to:

  • Bouncy castle
  • Baking
  • Multi sports
  • ICT
  • Jubilee Arts and Crafts
  • Board games - some messier than others!
  • Football
  • Daily sports challenges

What's Provided At Holiday Club

We provide all snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as well as a hot lunch which is freshly cooked on-site (2 options available including vegetarian), and a tea at 4.45pm. (Please note that the tea is not designed to replace the main evening meal).

What to Bring

We provide all food and equipment. All children need to bring each day in a rucksack is:

  • Water bottle
  • Mid-morning snacks (that do not contain nuts - we are a nut-free school)
  • Jumper/sweatshirt
  • Coat
  • Hat and gloves in winter

Please ensure these are all named.

Legal Compliance and Child Safety

Our Holiday Club is OFSTED registered as part of Waverley School. The club therefore complies with all the rigorous legal requirements, high standards and procedures directed for Waverley School as the holiday club operates within Waverley School.

The holiday club is operated and managed by qualified staff who work within Waverley School and who are part of the regular Waverley staffing team during the term time as well. We do not outsource Waverley Holiday Club to a third party.

Please note that Waverley Holiday Club is open to children are in Reception class to Year 6 and is open to Waverley and non-Waverley pupils.

Enquiries, Booking & Fees

Please click here to see dates and fees, and for our booking form. 

Alternatively, for Holiday Club general enquiries and further information, please contact Mr Kear-Hill, Extended Hours Manager, at extendedhours@waverleyschool.co.uk or by completing our enquiry form below.

Photo Gallery

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