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Cooking Smores at Forest School

The drizzle didn't put off Waverley's KS1 Forest School yesterday! The lesson started off with some outdoor play making mud pies and collecting leaves which are now starting to turn autumnal. The grand event was making smores on our fire. First of all the children learnt that despite the drizzle, making a fire and creating flames was possible with a little bit of huff and puff. Mr Mayes showed several children one by one just how to do this very carefully by blowing just hard enough to see the first flickers of flames.

Once we had some nice flames, small groups were helped by Mr Mayes and Mr Ellis, to cook marshmallows for the smores on long skewers over the fire. The final touch was to put each marshmallow between biscuits to make a smore sandwich. 'That was delicious' and 'Can we have some more?' were comments from the children. Although others were too busy still munching and enjoying their own self-made treats to make any comment!....