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Waverley Preparatory School and Day Nursery

Prize Winners - Summer Term 2022 

Earlier today we celebrated our Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly and End of Term Prize Giving. It was emotional saying goodbye to our Year 6’s and we wish them all the best in their future education.

Pupils from Reception to Year 6 were presented with a variety of awards, cups and certificates. Congratulations to our 2022 Summer term prize winners!


Most Improved Swimmer Award

Joshua Liang (Year 1)

Sienna Omran (Year 2)

Selena Athwal (Year 3)

Rafe Godwin (Year 4)


Mrs Serjant’s Sports Award

Blake Harding (Year 6)

Caden Luker (Year 6)


Most Promising Jr Cricket Award

Esmae Toomer (Year 3)

Eddie Naji (Year 3)

Ella Regent (Year 4)

Aarav Gupta (Year 4)


Players Player Cricket Award

Sophia Fadden (Year 5)

Leo Lightstone (Year 5)

Alessa Bonnett (Year 6)

Luka Norris (Year 6)

Oliver Pullen (Year 6)


Sportsmanship Award

Evan Bird: Scholar (Year 6)

Daniel Edwards (Year 6)


Good Conduct Award

Rebecca Ware (Year 2)

Evie Lewis (Year 6)


Kindness Award

Ellen Gardner (Year 2)


Mrs Smith’s Playground Cup For Kindness

 Hugo May (Year 6)



William Higgins (Reception)

Joseph Trout (Reception)

Alice Dhuna (Reception)

Evie Close (Year 1)

Hannah Fuller (Year 1)

Samuel Webster (Year 1)

Esme Sutherland (Year 2)

Toby Smyth (Year 2)

Mateja Norris (Year 2)

Alyssa Wilson (Year 3)

Hugh Moran (Year 3)

Caiden Dhunna (Year 3)

Ella Regent (Year 4)

Aarav Gupta (Year 4)

Bella Schoelzel (Year 4)

Mia Pinder (Year 5)

Leo Lightstone (Year 5)

Miriam Kitching (Year 5)

Tilly McDermott (Year 6)

Oscar May (Year 6)

Lucy Stancer (Year 6)


Book Prizes

Sophie Turnbull (Reception)

Adam Birchall (Year 1)

Bea Dickinson (Year 2)

Selena Athwal (Year 3)

Rafe Godwin (Year 4)

Sophia Fadden (Year 5)

Oscar May (Year 6)


Prize for Endeavour

Max Thurston (Year 6)


Mrs Eden’s Tenacity Award

Eleanor Woolger (Year 6)


Forest School Award

Alice Dhuna (Reception)


Mrs Murphy’s Music Award

Anya Ayling: Scholar (Year 6)


Guitar Award

Niki Pittock (Year 5)


Performing Arts Award

Tilly McDermott: Scholar (Year 6)

Lucy Stancer (Year 6)


French Award

Bea Dickinson (Year 2)

Catherine Agar (Year 5)


English Award

Imogen Nicol (Year 6)


Maths Award

Jem Spencer (Year 6)


Science Award

Edward Hinitt (Year 6)


Humanities Award

Thomas Gardner (Year 6)


ICT Award

Hugo May (Year 6)


Art Award

Lucy Stancer (Year 6)


Principles Award

Stephanie Simon (Year 6)

Rosie Lavelle (Year 6)



Leaver's Assembly