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The 'Naughty Bus' Visits Reception

Waverley's Reception children have been combining literacy work, with creative art and photography in their latest project 'The Naughty Bus Visits Reception.'

Based on the book 'The Naughty Bus' by Jan Oke, each pupil created their own scene involving the Naughty Bus. Scenes varied from the Naughty Bus balancing on a pile of books, to hiding in a book tray, to the bus pretending it was a train on our Reception playmat! The children then photographed their individually created scene using an i-pad and then added words to describe the precarious situation that their mischievous bus had got itself into!

The children's photos and descriptions of each awkward situation that they put the bus into have been put into their very own story book called 'The Naughty Bus Visits Reception'. A copy available to look at in the School's main Reception area which all parents are invited to look at.