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Waverley Preparatory School and Day Nursery


Nursery Admissions Process and Fees

 Our separate Nursery website contains much more information specifically about our Nursery. Please click here to be redirected. 

Why Waverley Nursery?

Waverley Nursery is dedicated to providing excellent care and education for children aged 3 months to 5 years in a happy, nurturing atmosphere in our beautiful lodge situated within the School grounds. 

The Nursery Admissions Process 

Our admissions process for Waverley Nursery is subject to change at short notice.

  • As a first step, all prospective parents for Nursery are now invited to register their interest via our electronic Registration Form. Please contact our Admissions team on admissions@waverleyschool.co.uk to be sent this. This will help us understand your requirements for a Nursery place.
  • The Admissions process may be amended at the discretion of the Admissions Committee - particularly during Covid. 
  • Once we have received your Registration Form, depending on the year of entry and availability of places, prospective families will normally then be invited for a socially-distanced tour of our Nursery.
  • A tour of Nursery will be offered prior to any acceptance deadline.
  • As we are restricting visitors to our site, tours are offered at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. 
  • Nursery tours are limited to one tour per prospective family to minimise visitors to our site. Therefore, we strongly recommend that both parents attend the tour as we will be unable to offer a second tour should one parent not be able to attend.
  • Both the prospective child and their parents must attend the socially-distanced tour to our Nursery if the child is entering Nursery 3 or Foundation. All adults must wear face masks.
  • Due to Covid, your socially-distanced tour may well take place after core hours when there are few or no children in our Nursery. This is to minimise potential transmission. 
  • Settling In Sessions: Children are normally invited to attend three settling in sessions prior to starting at Nursery. During Covid, this might not always be possible. As much as possible, we try and hold these settling in sessions outside (weather dependent).
  • Acceptance of a Nursery Place: To accept a place, you will be required to return our Acceptance Form along with an Acceptance Fee of £350. This amount comprises of a non-refundable Administration Fee of £100 to cover the cost of setting up a child on our systems and Tapestry. The £350 also includes a £250 deposit which will refunded provided we are given the required 2 full calendar months notice and your account is up to date.
  • Due to the high demand for places, parents are given a deadline by when the deposit and form are due back.

The Nursery Admissions Committee consists of Mr Blair Jenkins (Chair of Governors), Mr Guy Shore (Head), Mrs Lianne Costello (Nursery Head) and Mrs Helen Jenkins (Head of Marketing, Admissions and Communication).

Nursery Fees

Nursery 1 & 2 

Waverley Nursery operates an all inclusive package; this includes morning and afternoon snacks, a hot freshly prepared meal and pudding at lunchtime, formula milk, cows' milk, nappies, wipes and cream. 

View our Nursery 1 and 2 Fees and Information sheet here

For ad hoc session fees, please click here

 Nursery 3 & Foundation Stage 1 

Nursery 3 & Foundation Stage 1 fees can include either 15 hours or 30 hours of Government Funded Hours. 

View our Nursery 3 and Foundation Fees and Information sheet here

For ad hoc session fees, please click here

Entry to Waverley Preparatory School

Please be aware that admission to Waverley Nursery is separate to Waverley Prep School. Therefore, a child with a place at Waverley Nursery is not automatically allocated a place in our Prep School. Parents interested in a Waverley Prep School place for their child, must register their interest via our Admissions Dept by contacting admissions@waverleyschool.co.uk and must complete a separate School Registration Form. For more information on our website about our School Admissions process, please click here

Open Days and Nursery Tours

We normally hold regular Open Days throughout the school year and normally we can also offer ad hoc personal tours. During Covid, our planned Open Mornings are CANCELLED to maintain the safety of our pupils and staff. 

For more information about our Open Mornings, click here

Contact our Admissions Team

For further information about Nursery Admissions, please contact Mrs Helen Jenkins, Head of Admissions, Waverley Preparatory School and Nursery

Tel: 07768 708743

Email: admissions@waverleyschool.co.uk

Open Door Policy

Our aim is to maintain a close relationship with all parents/carers of children in our Nursery and we operate an Open Door Policy which enables you to visit at any time. We like to involve parents/carers in their child's time at nursery by encouraging visits, where they can join in activities such as 'Stay and Play' and also discuss their child's progress and development. We work closely with all parents/carers to ensure your child's needs are met.

Please note the during Covid, we endeavour to minimise visits on site. Therefore, we may host meetings via zoom or telephone instead where this is deemed appropriate.

If you would like to visit, for operational, and health and safety reasons, please ensure that you give the Nursery Manager satisfactory notice.

Notice Period

Should parents wish to leave Waverley Nursery, two full calendar months' notice is required.